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Art is my middle name. Or, rather, the middle of my name which happens to be Marta.

Hello, and nice to meet you.

I started Studio Barn Owl back in 2015 upon returning from teaching abroad for two years in South Korea. That said, I've been freelancing and making art in all forms for much longer than that. Be it drawing, painting, body painting, photography, graphic design, sculpting, and sewing, I've dabbled in a sizeable chunk of the visual arts without ever slaking my never-ending thirst for more.

Most recently however, I've found a comfortable niche in illustration and linocut printmaking with a specialty in handmade rubber stamps. Most of the work you'll find on this website will be within that theme.

My main sources of inspiration are the enchantment of travel and the textures of the natural world. I have a fascination for the perfectly imperfect idiosyncrasies of handmade work which to me breathes life into art like nothing else.

Thanks for dropping by this site. Please feel free to take a gander at my work for as long as you like. I recommend tea and good music for the duration of your stay.

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Marta Barnes

Studio Barn Owl