Illustration & Printmaking
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Here is the space where I can guide you through the mysteries of my creative process.

Navigating the Workshop

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

I'd like to think of this space as the backdoor through which I can lead you cheekily by the hand to unveil the mysteries of my creative process.

There's something magical about exploring someone else's workshop. What tools do they use? How did that paint splatter come to stain that table? Where are all the sketches and drafts that came before the polished products?

Cardinal print with stamp, ink, and linocut gouging tips.

Cardinal print with stamp, ink, and linocut gouging tips.

It's also an exciting opportunity for me to share my approach to different projects. Not long ago, a friend of mine was checking her messages while she was over for tea. In the middle of texting, she chuckled. I asked why, and she said she'd told her friend she was over at Marta's place. Her friend had asked, "Is that the one who always bails on you?" to which she'd replied, "No, this is the artist that never leaves her house".

We had a good laugh at the spot on truth of that.

So as the artist who never leaves her house, these blog entries will be an important way to process the way I work and put to words the many thoughts that cross my mind while elbow deep (sometimes literally) in art.

That said, when I do leave my house, I go large. As in traveling-different-parts-of-the-world-for-months-at-a-time large. So this too will be a great place for me to share the experiences I have and things I create on the road. 

Looking forward to having you along for the journey.

- Marta